Our part of Nova Scotia has been having a storm a week it seems since the middle of January. Today it's snowing yet again. It's getting so that you don't know where to put the stuff!  It's also somewhat dangerous driving around town because the snowbanks are so high. You have to very slowly ease your car out into traffic as you can't see over or around the banks.

I don't post too many pics on here other than cards, but I just came in from walking my dog Penny and thought I should take a couple for the "record", so to speak.
The third pic is looking out my upstairs craft room window towards the end of our street.

Some of the Aussie ladies have been mentioning about the heat. Would you like to trade places? (wink!)

Feb.8, 2011


  1. I know how you feel we had it like this for most of November and early December, but not for as long as yourself. It looks good when it starts but it quickly sickens you. Keep warm and take care. Hugs Caz

  2. looks like what a friend of mine calls 'poke and pray' driving weather - poke your nose out at the intersection and pray you don't get hit! Can't wait to move back ;) Nancy LeB in Bridgewater NS where to snow banks are considerably smaller!

  3. Wow you do have a lot of snow ours is starting to pile up now since the snow Sunday and again today . Really messy out there tonight

  4. OMG! It must be FREEZING!!!! I love your gorgeous house!! Stay warm now!
    Alicia xx

  5. Wow and I complained about our snow in December. We were snowed in for 2 weeks but it looks nothing compared to what you have. How does Penny like it ou Penny absolutely loved it.
    Hugs Shirley x x

  6. WOW! Look at all that snow! I just love winter and all the beautiful pictures! BUT...I can live without having to drive in it after the storm and everything looks dirty! LOL

    Beautiful photos!