Really I should get a lotto ticket....

Today when I went to Tim Holtz' blog to see his March tag (12 tags of 2012), I was reading through
the post and noticed my name as one of the winners for the February tag- Valentine Tag. My heart stopped for a truely did!!!

He had so many entries, it's hard to believe that my name was randomly drawn. So I have sent my info off to Mario and will wait with great anticipation to receive my prize.

My friend "M" keeps saying I should buy a lotto ticket.....just maybe I'll go out and buy one for tomorrow night's draw. LOL



  1. Many congratulations on all your wins Sharon. Looks like the same happens to you as me as I won several things in a row.
    Lovely prizes too and lucky you.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  2. I know I emailed you but just wanted to say congratulations again.