My Christmas Dog

My daughter was home visiting the week before Christmas and we were going through the Christmas decorations. My dog Penny was curious, sniffing out everything, and Julie very spontaneously decided to decorate her with some garland. I ran and grabbed the camera thinking Penny would shake it off any minute. It was so funny, she just sat there as if to say "What I have to do for my big sis!" LOL.

Anyone out there know how to change dog's eyes that turn yellow with the glare of the flash????? Red-eye reduction on the camera's edit system doesn't do anything at all.

Dec. 30/09


  1. Soooooo sweet . I don't think there's anything you can do to change the color of their eyes . I believe it's cause their eyes are amber anyways. I know Jake's show up the same and I've tried to change them .

  2. Cute! Did your dog feel as good as he looked!