Wednesday, Feb.20, 2008 6:40 pm

Last week while I was in Halifax, a friend called me to say that another friend's mom had passed away. This lady had been battling bone cancer in her leg since last spring that had spread throughout her body, and it was heart failure which caused her demise. She was 86. I felt bad for my friend as she has been looking after her Mom since being sent home from the hospital as nothing further could be done. They were basically counting the days left. How sad!

I'm late getting this card made but I think Cathe will appreciate it.

This is a new stamp I recently ordered on-line called "Hydrangea Fresco". I coloured it with twinkling H20's, and also 'washed' the background in gold and copper H20's.



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  2. Wow Sharon, the Hydrangea looks like you can pick it off right from the looks so real!

  3. Meant to add, very sorry for your friends loss.

    My cousin that I am taking care of also has bone cancer (in her back). I'm very sorry.