Pics of Anne Murray at her book signing

These are pics of Anne Murray at her book signing at Chapter's Book Store in Dartmouth, N.S. on Nov.2/09. We waited a little over two hours to get the book signed. Peter was able to get a pic of me when I finally made it to Anne's desk, although Anne spied a personal friend in the line-up and waived. It looks like she is doing the Hitler salute! LOL. The last pic is the one with me in it, although I've got a stupid grin on!

Her book, entitled "All of Me", is fascinating with many good laughs about her life growing up with her family at home in Springhill, Nova Scotia, and at the cottage, along with stories of all the entertainment people she has met over the years, first boyfriends, her former husband Bill Langstroth, her kids, etc. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it in the line-up to help pass the time waiting to get it signed. I had to be careful not to mess the pages as it will be a gift. (wink!)