Last weekend, Julie and Jeff came for a visit at the cottage. We bought lots of strawberries at Stirling's Fruit Market for $2.50 a box (good deal!) and spent the afternoon making freezer jam. It was Julie's first time and she was pleased with her results - she didn't know it was so easy!

Here are some pics of the cottage. We painted it two years ago for Julie's wedding and already the paint is flaking from the salt air. Always maintenance to do! We haven't put the canvas on the gazebo yet either because of all the rain. Where you see the little stump in the front of the cottage, that is where the path starts to walk down the hill to the beach.

The sun came out for about an hour on Sunday afternoon, so Julie and Jeff washed their car to take advantage of the rays....few and far between lately!

The rose bushes are in full bloom and the smell is gorgeous!

In case you are wondering what the ivy covered structure is in front of the sunporch, it is the stone chimney from the old farmhouse which stood on the property in the early 1900's. The sandstone blocks are huge. It amazes me how they built it way back when.

July 9/09