Friday, Dec. 5th

I had lunch today with my stamping friend Marilyn. She gave me a handmade decorated paper box and inside were a few of her beautiful christmas cards and some tags. These certainly won't be mailed - I'm keeping them for inspiration! That was so generous of you Marilyn (hugs!)
It was a nice afternoon with tasty food, great conversation, and a bit of shopping!


  1. I love your new border. I don't know how bloggers make those, but they are so wonderful. I love how they "stay put" while you scroll up and down.

    Thanks for showing the Scottish Christmas Card and making it a link to those Scottish stamps. I saw stamps from another company but did not like them. These, however, are wonderful. Maybe I will order some and send a Scottish card next year.

  2. I have used an hour to look around in your blog now:)beautiful cards.
    Love your Tim Holst tag
    i see you are linking to me,do you want me to link to your site
    Have a nice week:))