Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Today was very icy outside. I had to go to the Dentist this morning and almost took my life in my hands walking down the hill. There was water on top of the ice, too, and I certainly didn't want to fall, getting hurt and soaking wet in the process. I managed to get there in one piece. I had a large filling replaced and I was frozen even up in my right nostril! What a strange feeling.
I was going to stamp this afternoon, but couldn't get in the mood. I did address Julie's valentine and send it off to her. Her Jeff is away working in Newfoundland for six weeks, and she is only in Week One of him being away. She misses him terribly, so I thought some mail would perk her up.
I also made some goodies for my SU workshop on Sunday. Hope we don't get any storms on the weekend. I want my order to go in as soon as possible. That's it for today!

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