Summer Aug 1/08

Wow, I can't believe how the time has flown since my last posting. We've been enjoying the past few weeks at Chance Harbour. The swimming has been very good with the water warming up early due to the week of hot humid weather early in July. Here are a few pics, but I realize I didn't take any of the actual cottage. That will have to be another time....
First pic - Penny on the point. That was the day after Tropical Storm Cristobal came by Nova Scotia. The water was really rough.
Second pic - our beach to the right of the path.
The third pic is the path through the woods from the front of the cottage to the beach. Lots of birch trees.
Fourth pic -Penny checking out a crab in the seaweed on the rocks. This pic and the fifth one are older pics -
Fifth- Penny going after her fetch bouy. She likes to jump off the rocks.
Sixth - Peter relaxing.
Seven- The beach to the left of the path. That is the point where Penny is standing in the first pic.